The Delaware Valley Opera presents a LIVE recording from our production of Mozart's "The Impresario" at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance in June 2014. The show is being broadcast on WJFF Radio Catskill on Sunday September 21, 2014 at 1pm. If you're in the area you can tune in to channel 90.5FM or listen online at on the website, streaming online 24/7. The program will be available in the online radio archives for two weeks.


  • Paul Green Wayne Hobbs (Tenor), The Impresario of The Grand Opera
  • Judy Carol Hoehn Diefenbach (Mezzo Soprano), his secretary
  • Pianist George Hemcher (Spoken part), the pianist
  • Stud Fabbo Gustavo Morales (Baritone), a self possessed, vain, strutting opera divo
  • Wanda Wannabe Emilie Storrs (Soprano), a singer in love with being a singer, an amateur
  • Renata Ribaldi Steven Nanni (Countertenor), a famous international opera star
  • Canto Nuova Alexandra Haines (Soprano), a new and upcoming international star
  • Stella Abratza Brooke Schooley (Soprano), the reigning diva of the Grand Opera Company

Synopsis of the opera

Act One: The story begins with Mr. Green (the impresario) looking for a cast for a new opera “Paradise Abroad”. He is auditioning to find the perfect soprano to sing the lead role. The company’s long-time diva, Stella Abratza, however believes she is entitled and perfect for the part. Mr. Green, however is looking for fresh new young voices.

As the auditions take place a series of operatic characters line-up to be heard, among them a surprise singer that takes Green’s breath away. The climax comes when the rising young star, Canta Nuova and the reigning diva, Stella Abratza compete vocally -- at the same time! Mr. Green is left to come up with a solution for the trouble they have caused --- which he does, finishing with a moral that leaves them shocked and, for once, speechless.

This view into the backstage workings of an opera company is as poignant and current today as it was in Mozart’s time proving that the opera business like human nature doesn’t change.