The Holiday Ramblers are based out of Morristown, NJ. They formed in Montauk, NY when the members met casually during summer gigs in breezy backyards and salty bars. Initially, the band performed a set built around years of their collective experience. The shows took form with not-so and familiar covers, originals from a variety of previous projects, and wide-open improvisations inspired by sunset skies and impending torrential thunderstorms. The band uses these elements to inform their compositional and studio work, which has resulted in two Eps and a single released over the last year and a half. They're currently working on another set of songs for release before summer 2024.

The Holiday Ramblers are pleased to perform for the Upper Delaware/Catskill Area music lovers and their set will be a variety of music chosen from their favorite artists and a growing catalogue of original music.