Poison Love Band presents a unique mix of acoustic Americana folk-rock, featuring lead fiddle, guitar, percussion, vocal harmonies and original songwriting. Their organic style is a dynamic blend of cultural traditions, delivered with an edge. They are based in the Upper Delaware River Valley and their music reflects the spirit of the rural landscape. The band is committed to community building through the shared experience of live music.

Dan Brinkerhoff (Lead Fiddle/Lead Vocals): Dan’s original fiddle style embodies the pioneering spirit of the West where he was born and raised, blending the influences of various traditions and cultures. His distinctive high voice has been compared to Neil Young.

Joanne Brinkerhoff (Guitar/Vocal Harmonies/Songwriter): Joanne's influences comes from the multi-cultural music of Brooklyn where she was born, and by the legendary music of the Catskills, where she spent summers and lived all of her adult life. Her songwriting is very personal and incorporates a blend of musical styles reminiscent of 60s and 70s country/rock/folk.

Sammy Alexander (Drums/Percussion/Bass): Sammy is a multi instrumentalist, sound engineer, BMI singer/songwriter/producer.